Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Monday

This is my first ever It's Monday post, and it's funny because I do this every week anyway, so why not blog about it?
What are you reading is hosted by Book Journey (click to go there) and it is a fun way to see what people are reading.

So, I just finished Breadcrumbs today. It was wonderful. I have been pretty good about my challenge (to myself) to read one middle grade book per week. I will have the Breadcrumbs review up on Wed.
Last week, I read The Flint Heart, Sparrow Road the week before,  and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda which started the whole thing off for me.
I don't count middle grade books in my personal challenge to read 111 books in 2011, but I don't think that's weird. I just don't feel they are long enough to count as novels. Am I alone on that?

Anyway, this week, I have some choices:

I have Perfect too, but I really want to go with Christi to hear Ellen Hopkins in Princeton. So, I need to read Triangles or Perfect.

I want to finish Frost, I started it. I LOVE it, but I had a bunch of tour books come in one right after the other, and I had to put Frost down.

I am on a BOOK DIET! I realized that I have yet to read half of the books I have on my book shelves. That is because my tour books, arcs I pass on to my teens, and my library books take up a great deal of my reading time.

Speaking of the library- guess what came in for me today?
The Name of the Star, Steampunk an Anthology, and Apothecary.

So I am shooting for: Triangles, Frost, Apothecary, and Dearly Departed (from Netgalley). I am not super stressed about DD because I pre-ordered it. I have to have it. Did you see the cover?????
Of course, once I own it, I'll probably never read it.


Christi said...

I started Triangles today, I love it!! Hopefully my 13 class visits tomorrow (STARTING at 7am--yikes!) won't drain me too much so I can still make the drive to Princeton!

Didn't you get Frost at BEA???