Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Under the Never Sky by Rossi

Under the Never Sky
By Veronica Rossi
Published: Feb. of 2012
Stars: 2 out of 5

She is a dome dweller, he is from the dangerous sticks. He has super smell and sight, and she has been genetically altered to sing like a bird.
They meet in the wasteland. Yawn.

Okay, to be fair, this book just was not for me. And to be even more fair, I feel as though I have read every dystopian book out there, so I have a great idea of where the bar is set.
This one is very middle of the road.
I did not care for Aria at all (spoiled, clueless, in denial for most of the book, and she is rude). Perry came off like a fifty year-old with a gruffness that did not translate to sexiness, and a chip on his shoulder that made me dislike him even more. I constantly forgot he is supposed to be a teen boy. So, I forced myself to finish this because it was for an arc tour. There are just too many wonderful books to read, and I believe life is to short to keep going with one that is not working for you.
           Under the Never Sky is a patchwork of fifteen better books. The eyepiece? Feed. The Realms? Ready Player One. The mutant savages in the wasteland (take your pick: Mad Max, Waterworld, etc). Honestly, I felt this one was the fart joke telling cousin of Blood Red Road. Save your money and time. Read something else.
I recommend: Divergent, Pure, Enclave, Feed, Blood Red Road, The Stand, and thirty other books that came out this year.


Anonymous said...

i liked the book and I gave it 5 stars!

javaintheam said...

That is great to hear! That reflects the great reviews it is getting on Goodreads.

Logan E. Turner said...

I just finished this one for the tour and had the same reaction. I was so worried I was the only one! For such a hyped book I do not understand the appeal. Totally agree with your review!

Sverige said...

Under the Never Sky is a beautiful dystopian love story. Veronica Rossi¿s writing is beautiful. You're going to hear the word beautiful a lot in this review along with amazing, because that¿s the way this story made me feel while I read. Rossi's dystopian world is amazing with Dweller, Outsider, disease, mutative, cannibals and the aether sky.