Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I am seriously in love with Pinterest. Not only do I spend hours each day drooling over craft and DIY projects, I can pick up ideas for something yummy to eat. This is the place to find great craft ideas for library programs and for possible holiday presents to make.

When I dig around, I find things that make me laugh. Or that makes me think....

That said, there is one thing about Pinterest that scares me!
Folks who pin picture after picture of famous people.....really? Why? Why do we need a hundred shots of the tall guy from The Office? Do they think the star is going to see that and think "Wow, she really is my number one fan, I must find her and marry her...."
I also fear people who have figured out how to use paint chips for EVERYTHING. I think of the poor soul who has to restock them, and I want to cry. Who needs that many?
Well, how about this person?
That said, if you are already stalking around Pinterest, or if you decide to check it out you can find my boards here: http://pinterest.com/kristie_winks/
See you there!