Monday, January 2, 2012

My Year in Review....

2011 was a great reading year. I can't get over how many new favorite
authors I discovered, how many challenges tried, and how many events I
was able to attend.

So, on to the best of the best. I am not ranking them this year, because in many cases it would be like putting apples up against oranges. Instead, I am calling them all the best of the best. I really recommend all of these titles AND I am linking them all to Goodreads so that you can easily add them to your TBR pile.

If I had to pick a FAVORITE favorite it would be this:
Night Circus
 I did not think it would live up to the hype, but I just loved it.
Here's another:
Ready Player One

Two more great books:
Miss Peregrine's
Among Others
You can see the rest of my list on Goodreads here

But I want to share this:

Book I most thought I would hate and ended up loving:
I am a little nervous about 2012. Much of it seems to be sequel. Not that sequels are bad, I just love discovering new authors and/or seeing an author go in  a new direction and really hit it home (like Beauty Queens). I have new goals, new titles to pine for, and a new schedule as I am finished grad school!