Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Summer Reading List

Ah, glorious summer. Bleh. The bugs. The sunburn. The mobs at work. I think some times the only thing that gets me through it all is my summer reading list! Just three months until wonderful, glorious fall!!!
Here is my challenge to myself, and yes, I have already started!!!!

SUMMER 2013 Reading List:
links go to Goodreads, comments are my own

1. I Am The Messenger (I should have read this by now, bad me and now T's summer reading book)

2. Dead to You (I love Lisa Mc Mann and I prefer her standalone books)

3. Revived (Cat Patrick is awesome, but this one came in when I was starting my new job and I didn't get to it. Until now.)

4. The Originals (see above, I waited too long and now look! Another one is out!!!)

5. Double Identity (G's summer reading book)

6. Looking for Alaska (I own this and have never read it, as is almost always the case with books I own)

7. Between Shades of Gray (see above, same reason)

8. The Book Thief

9. Jasper Jones (It's gonna be a Printz kind of summer)

10. Sever  (how did I miss this release? Here's hoping that it's better than book 2)

11. Midwinterblood (I LOVED White Crow so very much, have not yet Revolver)

12. The Testing (I actually own this, so I better put this on the list or it will never get read)

Alternates (Because sometimes a book and I break up after a few chapters)

13. Scowler (my library does not own. Why? I have no idea.

14. Entangled by Cat Clarke (again, my library does not own this, maybe because it is from Austrailia)

This list is in no way complete. I think it may be easiest to list my manga/comic/graphic novel lists in a different post. Middle Grade too, although I only have one title for that list yet ;)

So, I would love to know what you are reading this summer. Did you write up a Summer Reading List? It would be great if you could share it here: