Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nighttime Storytimes

The night time story times are driving me nuts. I had this idea in my head when I set my calendar months ago that the library NEEDS night and weekend programs (especially when I found out half the kids in town are in after school programs). So, I tried storytimes on the weekend. Fail. Older kid crafts on the weekend. Fail.
I'm sure as hell not going to try a paid program on the weekend, that would just be stupid.

So, weekends are out. Unless I get a whole bunch of requests from people who swear on bibles they will come, there will be no weekend programming.

But the night storytimes.....sometimes I get 1 kid. Tonight I had 14. Here's the thing: they are all my day time storytime kids. So, I am not sure what to do. Should I continue to offer a night storytime for kids who already come to regular storytime?

I guess I would not be doing anything else in its place. What I mean is, I would be here anyway and I would much rather have a program when I am here than just sit on the reference desk all night.

Very few of the other libraries in my library system offer storytime at night. They almost all give over the evenings to adult programing. I will continue to think on it.