Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Ornaments for Christmas Presents!

 My daughter and I found these awesome plastic ornaments at Walmart for .84 each. We grabbed three and both said (at the same time) Doctor Who ornaments! We needed one Doctor Who for the house, one for a gift, and the third we decided to make Minecraft themed.

I had a pile of useless Scrabble tiles laying around, so I printed a bunch of images in squares. To size them, I created a square in publisher the exact size of a tile and measured each image on the square before moving on to the next one.

 Then, I went on a glitter hunt. Warning! I found the perfect Minecraft green in a very fine glitter, but it turns out fine glitter is the last thing you want for an ornament like this. Seriously, the chunkier the better!
  The images were cut out and modge podged onto the Scrabble tiles. I made larger images and modge podged them onto the front of the ornament (I wanted them on the back of the ornament, but the plastic created some sort of warping effect that made the image look weird- so they went on the front).

Here they are in all of their shaken glory. I like the fact that every time you handle the ornament the urge to shake it reveals something different. There are four different images on tiles in the Who ornament, and six in the Minecraft ornament.

And here is the one we made for the house already on the tree!

Very, very simple! Have a Very Nerdy Christmas.


Lupi Wilhelm said...

I love these. Thanks for the idea!