Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gravity Falls Party

Last summer I was eavesdropping on some of the ten to twelve year-olds at a craft program and they were talking about Gravity Falls. That night, I went home and found it on demand. AND I WAS HOOKED.
I even have a Gravity Falls quote as the signature on my personal emails.

That said, the library was way overdue for a Gravity Falls party. I tried to keep it in the spirit of the show, and tried to tie the theme of exploring the mysteries and legends of a town to our local towns. This is what I came up with, please don't sue me Disney.

We began by watching the first ever episode of the show, in case any of my kids had never had the chance to check it out. They had all actually seen it, but not in some time, so that worked out.
I set them up with popcorn and it took about 15 minutes to watch.

I set up a "Mystery Shack" on one side of the room, the food table on the other, and for crafts we HAD to make Dipper's journal. I folded a piece of red construction paper (8 1/2 x 11) in half, adding some white sheets and then stapling it into a book. I just free-handed the gold corners and gave them cream colored paper to sketch and cut out their own six fingered hand.

The journal could be numbered 1, 2, or 3, but everyone used "3".


I went with popcorn for the episode and Doritos for snack (in honor of Mabel, who makes nacho chip earrings in a later episode).

I also displayed everything the library owned Gravity Falls related, and the Weird NJ books.

We spent some time talking about weird things in our neighborhoods, like houses that may be haunted and mailmen who may????? be werewolves. Fun!!!
 I procured this decoder from DeviantArt here. I cut these out and gave the kids brass fasteners. Almost everyone put their decoder in their freshly made journals. Smart!
 From the "Mystery Shack"

Exhibit one:
Yeti hair (old, old, old Easter grass. I don't think they even make this kind anymore. One could pull some yarn apart for the same effect).
 Exhibit 2:

Possibly the Holy Grail. The chest and goblet I have had for AGES, and I have used them for many things.
 Mystery Shack sign.
 Exhibit 3:

Potentially the 2nd largest ball of twine.

Design a sweater for Mabel.
I wish I had taken a pic AFTER everyone had designed a sweater logo, we had some really fun ones. Here is a whale.

Overall, this was well attended, a ton of fun, and kind of easy.
Gravity Falls rocks.