Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PeepApalooza III- Adventures in Leftover Candy

Last night we held our third annual PeepApalooza, which for the uninitiated, is basically all of the leftover Easter candy+shoe boxes+creativity
I stocked up on Peeps a few days after Easter and the ladies at Payless really hooked me up this year with four trash bags of shoe boxes. All with lids! We had a great turnout, mostly families. I wish I could post more photos here, but I took pictures of the kids holding their masterpieces and I'm not sure what the legal situation is with library kids on personal blogs. If you want to see more, check out the pix on #bclsreads, our Instagram tag. Or check out my post on last year's PeepApalooza
     As usual, my boss outdid herself with the Peepbusters. She says she was inspired when she found the oversized Peeps at a local store. I love the effort she put in on the background.
     Not to be outdone, I redid the cover of one of my favorite books. 

It never fails to amaze me how creative kids can be with some stuff and a box. And a hot glue gun. All HAIL the HOT GLUE GUN!