Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to Make a Sharknado for Your Shark Craft

 I have had an insane amount of fun this summer, but I always try to do something for Shark Week. This year I called it Shark Lab and we are making three crafts I have never done with the kids before.

But for ME, I wanted a Sharknado.
Inspired by this post, and I tried several different dish soaps and NONE of the tornadoes looked as good as they did in this lady's posts. She must have magic soap, but it really works!

Then I went to three stores to find either plastic sharks that would be light enough to float and not just sink to the bottom of the jar and/or shrinky dink material (make my own damn sharks!) Both hunts were fail, so I made them myself using  a template I cannot find again. Sorry.

 I flipped the images, cut them out, glued them together and then book-taped the hell out of them! Presto, waterproof.

The jar needed I made a small label with
"Sharknado" bookended with some fancy orange chainsaws and voila!

One Sharknado for the parents to play with while the kids are making crafts today.

Oh, what are we making?
Banana Sharks

 Shark Frames

Shark Teeth necklaces out of air dry clay.

And what are we reading?
I Am a Shark by Stille
I Am A Shark by Shea (he's one of my favorites)

I'm expecting 30-ish attendees and plan to have some real fun with this one. The age group on this one is 6-12, but I know I'll have a bunch of 5-year-olds sneak in, because 5-year-olds are ninjas, and I respect that.