Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon Party!

 Dragon Training Party for kids ages 6-12:

Hi! September is on a roll. I've already had a couple of Storytimes and Baby Times, but this was my first big kid craft of the season. I went with Vikings, cause why not?

I read Hiccup the Seasick Viking by Cowell
and yes, I sang the Viking song!

Me, modeling the pink version of our viking hat. 

Then we broke into stations to make:

1. our names in runes (there is mine, I added a longboat)

 2. Shields made from paper plates wrapped in aluminum foil.
I got smart AFTER I made the sample and let the dull side be on the outside, it looked more like iron and was easier for the kids to color on. We used Sharpies and Bic Markits because regular markers smear.

See my longboats? Sensing a theme?
3. The viking hats from duct tape and paper plates. This was THE hardest part (because I actually made each hat, but sooooo worth it). I found this link on Pinterest and just winged it from the photo.
The teen librarian was kind enough to share her duct tape with us, and I used poster board strips for the base.