Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Year in Review or What was read....

I've been doing a year in review for....I don't know, forever, so here is 2014!
And I know what you are thinking...hey, the year isn't over yet, but it is my friends. It is.

I fell way short on my Goodreads goal of 114 books, and this is because I became obsessed with short stories. So, my new goal has become: read 100 pages a day. Some pages are short stories, some are in one of the books I am currently reading, and others are articles, etc. I'm going to end up at 87 or 88 books read for 2014. Not too shabby.

For the rest of this year (the whole week and some change we have left) I plan to finish The Best American Short Stories 2014 edited by Jennifer Egan. And -maybe- The Family Fang (which I'm loving!)Please feel free to friend me on Goodreads and see what else I read this year and what I'll be reading next year. I love Goodreads.

Here are my Top Five that I read in 2014:
I'm not going to review the books again, I wrote heartfelt reviews the second I finished all of them on Goodreads. These were the best of the best and I read a great many good books this year, but you can see one that scared the hell out of me, one that I-could-not-put-down (and that had not happened in loooong time), one that charmed me so much I still smile when I see the cover, a new author I just worship, and one that put me back into the 1990's and reminded me what being a teenage girl was really like. I declare 2014 to be the year of George Saunders for me. I'm hooked. I actually also read the 10th of December, but preferred Civilwarland (maybe because I read it first).
Some honorable mentions:

I also did a bit of rereading this year (Hitchhiker's Guide, Ready Player One, The Giver...) I don't usually reread old favorites for fear they won't hold up again (The Giver did NOT, for me, hold up to my original reading in the early 2000's). And I forced myself to finish some books I did not like. I'm not doing that next year. I think I was chasing that high of a great storytelling, reality melts away page turning trance that I found with The Martian and found again in many of the short stories I read this year.
I didn't do any book challenges, or follow any new blogs- two things I plan to correct in 2015.