Friday, January 16, 2015

Do a Little Dance....

Our first Toddler Dance Party was this morning and it WAS AWESOME!

Everything I read before doing this program seemed as though the party should not last longer than 25 minutes. I think the kids could have danced for waaaaay longer than that. Altogether, with book and music it was 35 minutes long, but I will shoot for 45 next time.

How it went:

Set up- I created the playlist days ahead of time. Narrowing down the songs was easy, pacing them (fast, medium, slow) was MUCH harder. I didn't want to tire everyone out or make them bored. I went for balance.

 We began with rules and a book.
Now, I hate rules, but I wanted to stress that this was a party and not a class- so if Little Suzie wandered out of the rectangle, no big deal. If Little Steve refused to hand in his egg shaker-no problem.
Also, I expected the parents to help collect and distribute props (and they did!) and participate (about half did, some were too busy filming).

The book I read was Hop, Hop, Jump by Krosoczka.
I skipped a few pages because I was making the kids do the actions to "warm up" and some of the actions didn't fit the dance mood. I think it's important to always warm up to a book. It keeps the library in the program.
Then, I pushed play and away we went!

The Playlist:

Clap Your Hands- They Might Be Giants
Jumping Song- Eric Litwin (bubbles here)
Little Red Wagon- Wee Sing (Best of  Album)
I Know a Chicken- Laurie Berkner
Popcorn Song- Barenaked Ladies (off Snacktime)
Collect Shakers:
Can Can Song- Toddler Gym
Pass Out Bean bags:
Balance Game (Bean Bag & Ball Play Michael Plunkett)
Bean Bag Song- Hap Palmer
Collect Bean Bags:
Pass Out Steering Wheels:
Riding In My Car - Woody Guthrie
See You Later Alligator-which will be our ending song for EVERY Toddler Dance Party from now on.

It was really well attended (there are actually about ten kids on the right that cannot be seen in this picture). There was a little bit of hovering around Mom's lap, but they all got into it in the end. I have to find a way to work the bubbles in a way that is less...messy. I used the machine, but it leaked. Luckily, I had the usual (a bottle and stick) bubbles at the ready for backup, so I just used them. A handheld bubble gun, maybe? I don't want to get into blowing bubbles and NOT being up front to lead the action.

If anything, I know everyone left smiling AND I probably burned 500 calories! Score.
Next month will be balloons and glow sticks as props. Can't wait.