Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My New Obsession- Book Vloggers and Booktube

I don't know what it is lately, but I am just filled with the urge to READ ALL THE BOOKS!

I suspect it is because I have stumbled upon the world of  Booktube and all of the magical creatures that live there. Add in the fact that I have found it IS possible to be on the treadmill and not listen to music but watch videos instead opens up this whole world of watching people talk about what they are reading and why.

The hardest part was finding readers who have similar reading interests as me and who live in my country (although, that is not super important). So far I have only gone crazy trying to find a book that isn't yet published in the US once. But I've been burned and am now wiser.

So, who to watch? Well, like choosing underwear, that's deeply personal for all viewers/readers but I will share a few of my favorites and the number one type of book vlogger I avoid. Several blog posts just like this one introduced me to the world of booktube, so I am happy to give back.

Without further ado here are 3 awesome book vloggers I subscribe to:
Jen Campbell's channel is full of new and current videos. She is an author and poet and that's awesome. I love her because she is also a reader. All of her reviews are from the heart, she picks books that readers may have missed, and she's totally honest. Warning, I have grabbed some titles from her that are not out in the US yet, so I must wait. Sigh.

Booksandlala is fun, my friends. I only wish I could drag her into my library to do reader's advisory. She is so passionate about what she reads. We do not always read the same things, but I have grabbed several titles from her videos that are now a part of my TBR list. Thanks, Lala!

Erika's Epilogues is my book reading soulmate. Honestly, this woman and I have the same exact taste, so when she mentions a book I have not yet read, I write it down. Erika does not seem to have too many newer videos, but I did go back and watch all of her older ones and found myself nodding along with all of her reviews. She has excellent taste!

So, there are 3 that I follow and love very much. I have others, but I haven't seen enough of their videos to comment on them as a whole or they are still just to new to me.
I am very quickly getting obsessed with the idea of filming some reviews myself and also book challenges (minis). I have a blog post coming up about where I am for the year with my main book challenges, but these mini-ones and tags  such as the "read the first chapter" tag on social media are super cute too.

Not all vloggers are gold, however and I have found some of them can be a little squealy about whatever the latest YA hyped book is.

"But the cover is SOOO pretty! You have to read it. Look at the pretty......."


Leave me some love below and let me know who you love to follow on booktube!