Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Monday! (4)

It's Monday! What are you reading? is hosted over at BookJourney. She is in Honduras, and I am not sure if we are linking up or not.  Book Journey- I hope you have a great time!!!

In the meantime, my plan of reading one library book, one ebook, and one book I own did not go too badly. I did get a tour book in that I had to read first.

The end result was:
I finished The Name of the Star (library book)
I finished Hallowed (tour book)
and I am almost through Iron Witch (I picked that up at BEA and own it)

This week I am on vacation. Before we get all excited let me point out that I will be working on school work like crazy trying to finish up for the quarter, and it is my last quarter! Yes!
I plan to finish Iron Witch, try again with one of the many, many ebooks I own, and I have a major selection of library books to choose from. I am thinking this one:

or, this one:

Tell me: What are you reading? 


Jackie said...

Hi, I hope you enjoy the break :) I am reading 'A Salty Piece of Land' by Jimmy Buffet . I hope to finish it this week .

Chrissie (Once Upon a Series) said...

Ooh, I've heard a lot of good things about Fateful! I hope you have a good week :)

Maestra Amanda said...

I loved "The Name of the Star" I couldn't put it down!


Lindsey said...

I really want to read The Name of the Star. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Happy Reading!